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Bruder [bruːdɐ] is the German word for brother. Fitting then, that Bruder’s founders Luke, Nathan & Marcus are siblings that share a common passion for watches.

The Bruder journey began in 2018, when the three brothers came together to enjoy some food in their home city of Bristol in the UK. Marcus had just treated himself to a new watch which he was keen to show off and as the beers flowed, a vision of premium yet affordable watches designed in the UK began to take shape.

Fast forward 3 years and their collective vision became a reality with the launch of Bruder watches in February 2021 and the introduction of the “Fortis” range of wristwatches.

At Bruder we believe time is precious… our watches allow you to keep track of it in style.

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The Brothers behind Bruder

One common passion but three very different brothers. Luke, Nathan & Marcus are the founders of Bruder Watches.  They are based in Bristol, UK – a city straddling the River Avon in the southwest of England.

  • Luke

    The eldest of the three, Luke has always been the one who is tasked with keeping an eye on his brothers, fast forward 20 years and nothing has really changed. A man who enjoys the finer things in life, you will always see Luke with a smile on his face, particularly when enjoying a tipple of single malt whiskey at weekly Bruder meetings.

    Favourite Bruder: Fortis Silver / Brown

  • Nathan

    The middle of the brothers, Nathan is renowned for his unrelenting work ethic and problem solving abilities. With a background in Architecture, Nathan has a meticulous mindset & a real passion for precision, a trait which he has carried over into the design of Bruder Watches timepieces. Nathan has three loves in his life, his family, his watches & his cars. Refusing to drive anything with less than 150bhp, you will always hear him pull up in the car park before you see him.

    Favourite Bruder: Fortis Grey / Black

  • Marcus

    As the youngest brother, Marcus definitely still benefits from the vigour of youth. He has an unrelenting optimism and drive to achieve success, which allows him to transform any major obstacle into a series of smaller, easy to tackle tasks; he can always see the light at the end of the tunnel. This proved an invaluable trait during the early days of Bruder.  Marcus is a real extrovert, at a party you’ll always end up either talking to him or at the very least witness some of his suspect shapes on the dance floor. His passion for watches aside, Marcus’s other loves are keeping fit & spending time with family and friends.

    Favourite Bruder: Fortis White / Sand

Design Philosophy

Our watch designs represent Bruder’s philosophy of simplicity. We believe that life should be less complicated, which is why our timepieces offer a clean, minimalist design that adapts effortlessly to whoever is wearing it.

The most important thing for me is that the passion I have for precision, aesthetics & functionality is evident in the design of every Bruder

Nathan Taylor, Bruder Watches Lead Designer

The future

The future’s looking bright at Bruder HQ in Bristol. Our design team is inspired and look forward to bringing you the next range of watches very soon. But what do you want to see from your next Bruder? Your feedback is helping to shape the Bruder Watches of the future, reach out to us at [obfuscated email, enable JavaScript] to let us know your thoughts.

Welcome to the Bruderhood, your time is precious, keep track of it in style.